Our Culture and Values

At Strategio, we are all cultural co-founders. Understanding our culture and values help us push towards the mission of increasing diversity, equity and inclusion for underrepresented and underserved groups, within Enterprise IT. 

Be unapologetically yourself

We are an organization founded on diversity, equity and inclusion. No matter your gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or background - you belong here. Bring your full self to work, teach us what we don’t know, share stories of your beliefs/culture and be proud of whatever it is that makes you different. Diverse teams are proven to be higher performing. 

Continuously learn

There is no such thing as knowing it all. Our centerpoint is education, learning and upskilling - it is everyone’s responsibility to pull the business forward by bringing new ideas, concepts and innovation. 

Be bold

Challenge the status quo, challenge each other and challenge customers. Industry disruption and innovation don’t often happen without pushing boundaries. Change can often feel uncomfortable, but remember what we are working towards. If you find yourself surrounded by people that agree with you, you’re probably in an echo chamber - search for new perspectives. 

Be better

Not the best, better. In business, being “the best” is usually short-lived or based on arbitrary statistics made up to make ourselves look good. To “be better” implies that we are constantly striving to improve ourselves, the customer experience and the organization as a whole. If a tangible opportunity arises for us to be “the best” we’ll take it, but until then we’ll focus on being better. What can you do today that will make us all better tomorrow?

Be transparent

Build trust and remain honest. Sometimes, people are afraid to tell the truth because it might hurt the feelings of others. Our strongest relationships will form when we are compassionately honest. Some egos will get knocked, but together we will learn and achieve positive outcomes for the overarching mission. Even small lies can damage integrity and respect from our colleagues and customers.

Fail-Fast and learn

Everybody makes mistakes and experiences setbacks. It’s how you deal with failure that will define you, rather than the failure itself. Rebound quickly, while remembering to learn from these experiences. There is no reason to cover up mistakes and it’s better to efficiently share the experiences with the wider organization so that we limit the potential for the same mistake to be repeated. 

Share knowledge

A rising tide lifts all ships - we can all move upwards together, so don’t hoard knowledge to advance your personal empire. Sharing knowledge within our organization will help bring us closer to the mission. Outside our organization, this will contribute to a wider conversation and support the advancement of the technology industry. Methods include podcasts, meetups, writing technology articles, creating vlogs/blogs and speaking at conferences. 

Think strategically, act scalably

It can be easy to take shortcuts for the sake of speed. Speed is a priority, but not at the detriment of quality or long-term growth. Thinking strategically allows us to look at the big picture and create solutions based on where we are going. Whether you’re employee #5 or #5000, your processes should be scalable. Imagine if tomorrow you were unable to login for work for the next 6 months, would your colleagues be able to step in and cover for you? Use clear processes and document your progress. For our customers, we never sacrifice long-term partnerships for the sake of short-term gains. 

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