Continuous Delivery of Future Technology Talent

We empower and invest in diverse technology talent, in order to increase representation for all people, and create higher performing enterprise organizations.


Amazon SDK for Python 3 (Amazon Boto3)

OK, now that I got you bopping to Wu-Tang, time to learn some Amazon Boto3…

Code, Compile & Run…Repeat

Java is STILL around because for decades it has proven itself to be robust and secure…

Full Circle with Eclipse!

The knowledge I contributed was creating Ant scripts as the build tool, working with JUnit for test…


Cross-Functional Technologists

As a Strategio Technologist, you will develop architectural knowledge and skills…

Company Values

It is through culture that we can have a better understanding of how to increase diversity…

Strategio Seed Round

Strategio secures $2 million seed funding to pursue mission of improving DE&I in Enterprise IT…


Building a community of highly trained STEM graduates, and delivering them to high-growth enterprise organizations at scale.


We start by sourcing STEM talent from top universities across the country, including Not-For-Profits, HBCU's, HACU's, Women's Colleges and Tribal Colleges.


We invest $5000 per technologist during paid training. This helps to remove the barrier to entry for those joining us from underserved communities.


The Strategio Simulator recreates the enterprise technology environments of our customers.


Strategio Technologists join our high-growth customers on 1-2 year contract-hire programs.

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Enterprise Technology Simulator

Simulating the enterprise technology environments of our customers, in order to create the exact talent that they need.


Strategio Simulator

Cloud & DevOps

Site Reliability Engineering

Full-Stack Development

Software Development Engineer in Test

Cybersecurity Engineering

Data Engineering

Benefits for Strategio Technologists

Continuously learn the most in-demand technology skills
Bridge the gap between university and enterprise technology
No financial stress with paid training, relocation, salary + benefits
Gain and share knowledge with the Strategio Community
Fortune 500 Career Opportunities

Benefits for Strategio Customers

Scalable Technology Talent
Better parity of gender, race and ethnic backgrounds
Guaranteed 3-Month Delivery
High Talent Retention
Contract-Hire With No Conversion Fees

Strategio Community

A place to continuously learn and share knowledge

Access to Thousands of Technologists

Connect with a diverse pool of technologists. Ask questions, meet a mentor, collaborate and build your network.


Hackathons, meetups, guest presentations, happy hours, bowling, go-karting, yoga, wellness retreats, sports events, book clubs, candle-making, painting…

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The DevOps Diversity Podcast is the all-inclusive place to discuss people, process and technology for Enterprise Transformation and Modernization.


"An amazing opportunity to kickstart my career! The whole model is great, being able to learn enterprise tech skills that we didn't learn at school, and putting them straight into use in a new role."