About Us

We are proud to be a team of cultural co-founders, representing diverse backgrounds that mirror our vibrant communities.

Our passion for our mission unites us, as we strive to make a positive impact and transform lives and organizations. At Strategio, trust is the cornerstone of our community, fostering an environment where innovation thrives and every voice is valued. We define this as a culture of trust, freedom, and accountability. Together, we are driving change and shaping a better future.

Meet the Leadership Team

Conor Delanbanque

CEO & Founder

Mariana Plata

Head of Business Operations

Gurp Singh

Head of Enterprise Strategy & Business Development

Jaime Toro

Chief Of Staff

Meet the Strategists

Mariana Gil

Operations Strategist

Yeison Mejia

Finance Strategist

Maria I. Gutierrez

Digital Marketing Strategist

Sasha Pak

Enterprise Strategist

Arianny Arias

Enterprise Strategist

Andrew Moonan

Enterprise Strategist

Ernie Hsiung

Enterprise Simulator Leader

Deepti Trivedi

Asst. Simulator Leader

Jennifer Dusovic

People & Culture Strategist

CEO & Founder, Conor Delanbanque

"Diversity is a strength, in which different backgrounds and experiences contribute to better teams, organizations, products, services and society as a whole. We cannot build products or services without representation from the people and communities that use them. "