Hiring diverse STEM talent?

Follow these 5 Steps to implement Strategio in your organization

Discuss your strategic technology and D&I growth goals. We'll create a scalable talent hiring pipeline to help you get there.


Technology Alignment

We'll align the Strategio Simulator with your technology environment. The Technologists you hire will be ready to perform.


Contractual Arrangements

We'll setup a Master Service Agreement and other paperwork, ready for us to partner together.


Commitment to New Hires

Make your request to hire [X] number of Strategio Technologists to start on [Y] day. You'll conduct interviews beforehand.


Onboarding, Engagement & Retention

Strategio Technologists will onboard after completing the Strategio Simulator. They'll join you on an initial 2-year contract while Strategio employs them full-time with competitive salaries and benefits.

Once onboarded, our Experience Strategy Team will implement the Strategio Experience Framework to maximize inclusion and belonging while engaging and retaining your new Technologists.

Our Enterprise Strategists are looking forward to connecting with you.

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