FULL CIRCLE with Eclipse!

Sept 2

2 min read

Nicole Hargrove

As I spent time this week creating content for Java Basics classes, I found myself thinking WOW this is a full circle moment!

I say this because back in 2003, I worked with 3 other IBMers and an awesome project leader, Ueli Wahli (RIP),out in San Jose, CA at IBM Research — Almaden Lab to create content for a Redbook, WebSphere Version 5 Application Development Handbook.

The knowledge I contributed was creating Ant scripts as the build tool, working with JUnit for test case creation and automation and sharing how customers were using the WebSphere tools — WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Studio, the underpinnings of this tool led to IBM open source Eclipse.

DevOps engineers benefit from having programming skills and understanding the development process so they can use that knowledge to write better automation scripts for application installation, configuration and validation processes. Also having this knowledge allows the DevOps engineer to be a link between development and operations teams.

Eclipse and IntelliJ are two Integrated Development Environment (IDE) tools for Java.

Remember SHARING KNOWLEDGE is POWER and KEEP Learning!