What do Pythons & Dolphins Have in Common? Amazon SDK for Python 3 (Amazon Boto3) That’s What!

Sept 27

2 min read

by Nicole Hargrove

Yes, everyone who has ever used Amazon Boto3 THIS IS US as we traverse through this Amazon river of services looking for ways to utilize our Python knowledge to automate tasks. As I was searching through Amazon Boto3 GitHub, I found this video and just chuckled because it depicts the origin of the name of Amazon Boto3. Botos are large, heavy river dolphins native to the Amazon river.

Mitch Garnaat, Principal engineer at AWS and creator of boto, botocore and AWS CLI, confirms below why he named it Boto.

If you are familiar with using the AWS CLI, that knowledge can be leveraged for working with Amazon Boto3. I also found many examples both from Amazon and the community of Amazon Boto3 users. THANK YOU!!!!

Enterprises utilize Amazon Boto3 to re-enforce their automation superpowers. Automation helps increase not only productivity but also increases an Enterprise’s business value to their customers and employees. The quicker the Enterprises can release a product or service the more competitive edge they can gain. The next time you are tasked with creating yet another automation script, flip your mindset. Think in terms of that Wu-Tang Clan song — C.R.E.A.M. — Creating Really cool automation affects Everyone Around Me!!! OK so I put in a couple of other letters but you get the point — Your work matters!

OK now that I got you bopping to Wu-Tang, time to learn some Amazon Boto3. Using Amazon Boto3, create a Python 3 script that will produce something similar to this:

Once you have the user created, think about what other tasks you can automate for example granting programmatic access and AWS Console access. HAVE FUN!!!!

The solution is my Github repo! Fork it and get going! This is just one more project that you can share with others and add to your repo! This is the evidence that your knowledge adds value! C.R.E.A.M!!!!!

Remember SHARING KNOWLEDGE is POWER and KEEP Learning!